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The FanDuel online service delivers daily fantasy sports games for real money which conclude on a daily or sometimes weekly basis rather than the traditional season-long period. FanDuel offers all new players a welcome bonus that matches their initial deposit up to $200 when registering with the Fanduel promo code FFPC.

FanDuel is the largest DFS site on the Internet and hosts the largest real money tournaments available.


How to Receive the $200 Welcome Bonus

FanDuel offers up to a $200 welcome bonus to new members which is based on their first deposit. To get started, click here to qualify for this welcome bonus and register your new account at FanDuel.

Click on the “Got a Promo Code or referral username?” link to enter the exclusive promo code FFPC as shown below:

Enter Promo Code FFPC



You can create and validate a new account for the first time or use your preexisting account that does not yet have a deposit recorded. The amount of the bonus is equal to 100% of the initial deposit up to $200, so you will need to deposit $200 to earn the maximum bonus, and if you deposit $201, the bonus will still be just $200. The minimum deposit at FanDuel is $10, and that would earn a $10 welcome bonus.

Select Your Deposit and Bonus Amounts


The welcome bonus does require a promotional code to be used during the deposit process. Be sure to enter the code FFPC to qualify for the MAXIMUM bonus available from FanDuel!

Deposit Options

FanDuel is geared toward North American participants, and that is clearly reflected in the limited selection of payment methods that it currently offers. The only Web wallet the service accepts is PayPal, and it accepts any credit card, debit card or prepaid card that is part of the Discover, MasterCard or Visa families, including Maestro and Visa Electron.

How to Use the FanDuel Bonus

FanDuel provides members a great deal of freedom when it comes to using bonus money. The only restriction is that bonus money be used for entry into competitions on FanDuel. This is not a hard restriction, but if you receive the bonus and immediately try to withdraw it, FanDuel will retract the bonus money. A good way to look at this is that you must play through all bonus money at least once even though FanDuel can be lax about enforcing it. Note also that FanDuel reserves the right to void any unused bonus money after 45 days. We know of no case where FanDuel has actually exercised this right with an active member in good standing, but you should be aware of that right nonetheless.

Wagering Requirements

The FanDuel welcome bonus is not awarded upon deposit. Instead, FanDuel releases it to you at a rate of 4 percent of any entry fee paid. In other words, if you enter a $25 daily football league, FanDuel would give you $1 of your pending bonus. Therefore, you are required to stake $5,000 in order to receive the full maximum bonus of $200.

Cashing out is allowed prior to completing the bonus requirements, and you do not have to pay the bonus back on the first withdrawal since receiving it. However, FanDuel reserves the right to void the bonus and take it from you if it feels you are not playing honestly. As mentioned earlier, if you play through all bonus money at least once, you should feel free to make a withdrawal.

Reload Bonuses

FanDuel offers a regular reload bonus that is similar to the welcome bonus and can be claimed multiple times. There are also special reload opportunities that are available on a seasonal basis. Keep in mind that FanDuel is a lot like a poker room in that your success does not come at the house’s cost, which is an important factor for members who have big bankrolls and are effective fantasy players.

We also recommend playing fantasy football and other DFS leagues at DraftKings! Read our review of DraftKings here.

For a more comprehensive review of FanDuel, read the Fan Duel review at here.

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DraftKings Review Thu, 26 Feb 2015 18:57:31 +0000

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DraftKings is one of the largest online providers of short-term fantasy sports. Combined with FanDuel, it accounts for more than 90 percent of the market, and in 2014, it awarded more than $200 million in prizes from fantasy football games alone. In addition, the size and scope of the DraftKings service increased substantially in 2014 when it acquired DraftStreet and merged that client base and those services and features into its own platform.


How to Sign Up at DraftKings

DraftKings supports new account registration through its website and through its mobile app, which is available for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets. A DraftKings app for Windows devices is in the works but not yet released at the time of this writing.

To get started, click here to visit the DraftKings website. Then click on the Enter Promo Code link. Redeem the promo code BALLERS to qualify for the maximum welcome bonus offered by DraftKings!

DraftKings regularly runs promotions that clients can claim using promotional codes. Some promotional codes serve exclusively as welcome bonuses for new users. When claiming a welcome code, it is necessary to enter that code during registration. Note that on the DraftKings website it is necessary to click the Enter Promo Code link in order to access a registration form that includes a textbox for promo code entry. Here is where you can redeem the code BALLERS.

The app form usually includes it automatically. The deposit process also includes an area for entry of promotional codes, and that is where you enter codes for deposit bonuses that are available for use with established accounts. All promo codes can also be used by contacting customer support.

Click Enter Promo Code Link and Enter Code BALLERS


Enter a username, valid email address, password, and password confirmation. Then enter the Draftkings promo code BALLERS to qualify for the maximum bonus possible! Complete the registration form by entering your country and state/province information. Clients must be at least 18 years or older, agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and be connected from and physically located within the United States or Canada. After agreeing to these terms, click Register. The site will then send a verification email, which will activate the new account. DraftKings does not require payment information until a deposit is made.

Read our details on the Draftkings promo code and welcome bonus here.

Supported Banking Methods

DraftKings accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards for both deposit and withdrawal, including American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. Note that if you use a prepaid or gift card for deposit, any withdrawals will be refunded back to that card, so it is necessary to hold onto it even if it no longer contains funds. DraftKings also accepts PayPal and Dwolla for both deposit and withdrawal.

DraftKings Deposit Page


DraftKings has a minimum deposit of $5. The service also enforces a deposit maximum for non-verified accounts. The maximum varies based on jurisdiction, and the company will remove the limit once the client faxes a photocopy of a driver’s licensed or other state/province-issued identification and an image of the front and back of any credit, debit or prepaid card used. PayPal and Dwolla users only need send proof of identification. To make a deposit, simply click on My Account and then click the deposit option. Enter the deposit amount, any applicable promo codes and then choose or enter a payment option. The deposit process will indicate any bonus amount, but note that DraftKings awards bonus dollars at a rate of $1 per 100 Frequent Player Points accrued, which are earned by joining paid contests.

Fantasy Sports at DraftKings

Fantasy sports at DraftKings differ from traditional fantasy sports. In a traditional fantasy football league, for instance, each player participates in a group draft, and then they use that same team throughout the year, changing it only through waiver wire pickups and trades. Leagues at DraftKings usually last only a day or a week. In addition, the site employs a salary cap model, which means that there is no need for an organized draft, and a player can have any athlete he or she wants as long as the athlete’s salary — as set by the DraftKings system — fits under the cap. At the end of the day or week, winners are determined, prizes are awarded and the league closes. Clients can play in multiple leagues a day or week.

The DraftKings service caters to fantasy sports fans in the United States and Canada. The company therefore places the greatest emphasis on football, and the NFL season is usually when DraftKings and the other companies in this industry reach their traffic and prize payout peaks. In addition to the NFL, DraftKings supports baseball (MLB); basketball (NBA); hockey (NHL); golf (PGA); mixed martial arts, including the UFC and other organizations; NCAA football; NCAA basketball; and soccer, including the English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League.

How to Play Fantasy Football

Thousands of leagues are available each week at DraftKings during the NFL season. A fantasy football leagues use a standard PPR (Point Per Reception) scoring structure, including team defenses.

The main difference between most leagues is the entry free, number of participants, and pay out structure. You can participate in 50/50 leagues, head-to-head leagues, large tournaments, and other formats.

Each league will have a set salary cap that applies to every member. The object is to choose a roster that fits under that cap. It is rarely possible to have a star at every position, so the winning teams usually belong to the team owners who were able to find great value in a player.

Drafting Your Team


You can read detailed beginner guides on how to play fantasy football here.

How to Play Fantasy Basketball

Basketball leagues at DraftKings are similar to football leagues. The biggest difference is that most leagues are daily rather than weekly. With the NFL, one has to wait until the end of Monday Night Football for a winner to be determined, but with the NBA, a player can draft in the morning and then receive their league winnings at the end of the night. Note that these leagues use every game in the league that happens that day, so on Saturday, for instance, those on the West Coast need to have their rosters established before tip-off of the early game at 9am. When it comes to NCAA basketball, particularly during March Madness, leagues are often extended to account for every matchup that occurs during that round of the tournament, which means that 48- and 72-hour leagues are common.

Click here to join DraftKings!

You can read more about the DraftKings bonus code here.

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DraftKings Bonus & Promo Code Sun, 22 Feb 2015 21:54:08 +0000

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DraftKings is an online provider of daily fantasy sports games that is based in the United States. DraftKings welcomes all new clients with a bonus matching their first deposit amount, worth as much as $600. DraftKings is 100% legal – and this is according to the US federal government! – and gladly accepts USA and Canadian players.


How to Receive Your DraftKings Bonus

If you do not yet have a valid DraftKings account, then click here to register visit DraftKings.

Then click the Enter Promo Code link and enter your personal details.

For the Promo Code field, enter the value BALLERS as shown below:

Enter DraftKings Promo Code BALLERS


The next step is to make your initial deposit. The minimum deposit amount is $5, but to maximize the deposit bonus, you’ll need to deposit $600. Of course, feel free to deposit any amount you feel comfortable between $5 and $600!

Note that bonus money is not awarded immediately to your account, but instead the bonus dollars are released incrementally as you earn Frequent Player Points.

Deposit Options

The $5 minimum deposit applies to all deposit methods, and DraftKings does not charge any fees for any of the deposit methods currently available. The online e-wallet payment options currently supported are PayPal and Dwolla.

DraftKings also accepts all major credit cards and debit cards, including those from American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. DraftKings also accepts all prepaid cards and gift cards backed by those aforementioned companies.

Note that if you do choose to use a prepaid card, it is crucial that you hold onto it because that is where DraftKings will post your withdrawals!

When you make your first deposit, DraftKings will match that amount as your maximum POTENTIAL bonus, up to $600. As previously mentioned, you do not immediately receive this bonus upfront, but must earn it as you play real money contests.

DraftKings Bonus Matches Your Initial Deposit Amount


How to Earn Your Bonus

The pending bonus is equal to the amount of your initial deposit, up to a maximum $600. DraftKings awards that bonus to you at the rate of $1 per 100 FPPs earned. FPPs are earned every time you pay a buy-in for any DraftKings contest. The rate at which FPP is earned varies across events, which can make it a bit confusing for newcomers, but the average payout is about four FPP per dollar spent. Therefore, the average user will have to stake a total of $15,000 in order to clear the maximum bonus of $600.

Note that FPPs are accrued, and clearing bonus money does not affect that accrual. Once a player has accrued 6,000 FPPs, he or she can then use those points at the DraftKings store to purchase buy-ins to various events. A conservative average is that you earn $25 in buy-in potential for every $350 spent, which helps to mitigate that wagering requirement.

If you staked the $15,000 or so needed to clear the $600 bonus, you would also earn approximately $1,100 worth of buy-ins.

How to Use the Bonus

When bonus money is awarded, DraftKings deposits it into your account as a cash bonus. That means that you can use it however you like. DraftKings does not stipulate that you must use the bonus money on its contests, but if you choose to, all of the contests available are valid.

If you earn the maximum $600 bonus and want to enter 600 $1 games, you can do that. You can also enter one daily league with a $600 buy in.

Bonus money is released to you as cash in your account. At that point, you are free to do with it as you please, including withdrawing it, and there is no penalty for doing so.

Other Promotions

DraftKings is always offering new and seasonal promotions and events. At the beginning of the NFL season, you can get a free entry into a $100K football contest. Additionally, DraftKings usually hosts reload bonuses at the start of each sport season. That bonus is usually worth 50 percent of your deposit, sometimes as high as 100 percent and never any less than 25 percent (of course, there is a set maximum bonus amount that you can earn). Read our full DraftKings review here.

Click here to sign up to DraftKings today!

For more information, you can read about the DraftKings promo code and welcome bonus here. Or you can read this comprehensive review of DraftKings and learn how to play fantasy football at DK.

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GTBets Casino Promo Code & Review Wed, 21 Jan 2015 23:16:48 +0000

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GTBets Casino Review & Promo Code

GTbets is an online gaming site that offers a wide array of gambling services, including a virtual casino. The casino is owned and operated by Leisure & Gaming plc and possesses a Curacao eGaming license, and it is powered by multiple casino software platforms, including Betsoft and Arrow’s Edge.

The company places an emphasis on recreational wagering, and it does a good job of fostering a casual and relaxing atmosphere. It has also earned a reputation for excellence in customer service, and clients can expect fair bonuses, quick payments and access to live support around-the-clock.

Why should I play at the GTBets Casino?

  • Flexibile welcome bonus offer of 100% match on your first deposit for up to a $250 bonus. Alternatively, deposit $1,000 and receive a flat $500 bonus!
  • GTbets sets itself apart with its all-under-one-roof approach. GTbets offers an online casino, sportsbook, and racebook under one universal account.
  • Allows your bonuses to be in play whether you want to bet on the horses, bet on football, or drop some coins on your favorite video poker games or slot machines.
  • Automated 10% weekly casino rebates issued every Tuesday with NO ROLLOVER REQUIREMENTS!


GTBets Casino Promo Code

Visit the GTBets website and register your new player account with our exclusive GTBets Casino promo code MAXBONUS and qualify for the maximum bonus available – up to $500 in bonus money!

The GTBets Casino provides two welcome bonus offers, a 100% match on your first deposit for a bonus worth up to $250, or a flat $500 bonus if you deposit $1,000 on your first deposit.

This bonus is immediately credited to your account and available for play.

To get started, visit, click the Join Now button, and fill in your customer registration details.

Be sure to enter the promo code MAXBONUS as shown below:

GTBets Casino Promo Code MAXBONUS


One of the most excellent details regarding the GTBets welcome bonus is that it can be CASHED OUT! That’s correct, this casino bonus is CASHABLE, meaning that you can withdraw the bonus money once you’ve satisfied the wagering requirements.

GTBets Bonus Wagering Requirements

To satisfy these wagering requirements, you must earn points by wagering real money. The quantity of points you must earn is 5 times your bonus amount.

For example, if you deposit $100, received a $100 bonus, then you must earn 500 points before you may cash out your bonus and winnings.

Another excellent aspect of the GTBets bonus, in addition to being able to cash it out, is you can satisfy the requirements by playing casino games, or betting on sports in the online sportsbook, or betting on horses in the online racebook!

You have a lot of options available to you and they all earn you points in different quantities, check out the chart below:

Points Earned Per $10 Bet


As you can see from the above table, when you’re playing slot games, you earn 2 points for every $10 played. When playing table games, you earn 1 point for every $10 played, and when playing Video Poker, you are earning 1.5 points for every $10 wagered.

One exception regarding the casino is that you are not allowed to play Craps, European Roulette, or Baccarat while trying to satisfy the wagering requirements.

Regarding our example of depositing $100 and receiving a $100 bonus, you would have to earn 500 points prior to cashing out. If you were to only play slots, you would have to wager a total of $2500 to earn the required 500 points. This ends up being a 25x wagering requirement on the $100 bonus amount – as the chart above describes.

But you can mix and match your play across casino games, sports betting, and horse races however you choose to acquire the necessary points!

GTBets Casino Review

GTbets takes a multiplatform approach to its casino, and Betsoft is currently the primary software. The advantage of this approach is that the casino can mix and match games and services from prominent developers. In addition, these games are all Flash-based or an equivalent and thus do not require download and installation.

The casino offers persisted, site-wide preferences, which means that players have the same fine-tuned experience whether logging in from home or a laptop at work. Most of these hosted games have a mobile counterpart, which means that access to the casino through its mobile app provides a consistent experience.

The casino has a diverse selection of classic three-reel slot machines and five-reel video slot machines. It also offers five-reel 3D slots, Super Slots and Cash Grab Slots. Super Slots and Cash Grab slots have progressive pots that range from $2,000 to $5,000.

Featured Games


GTBets also offers a strong selection of video poker games. Table games include baccarat, blackjack, roulette and much more. The casino has VIP tables that allow high rollers to request higher table limits, and GTbets hosts weekly casino tournaments for blackjack, slot machines, video poker and more.

Perhaps the best feature of the GTBets Casino are all the tournaments going on. You can find slots tournaments, blackjack tournaments, and more in the casino lobby.

Casino Tournaments


Other Promotions

After the initial deposit, GTbets awards an automated reload bonus on every subsequent deposit, and the site-wide minimum deposit is $35. Reload bonus rate range from five to 30 percent and will usually be around 25 percent for the average user. The exact amount is based on a number of factors, and a primary factor is how the player distributed his or her last bonus. In other words, gamblers who wager mostly on horses and sports will enjoy a reload bonus between four and 15 percent, and those who play slots, video poker and table games will enjoy a bonus ranging from 15 to 30 percent.

Wagering Requirements

GTBets is unusual in that clients have a single account that applies to the casino, sportsbook and all other products. Bonus money can be used on anything (except Baccarat, Craps, and European Roulette), including blackjack and football bets.

Rebate bonuses, such as the weekly 10-percent casino losses rebate or the monthly 15-percent racebook losses do not have any wagering requirement.

Cashing Out

All bonuses at GTBets are cashable once the rollover requirements have been met. There are some caveats. The account must be set to segmented before any withdrawal is allowed. GTBets does not allow a withdrawal when there is a rollover requirement that has not yet been met, which means that it may be necessary for some clients to request that the automatic reload bonus be suspended temporarily. Additionally, a successful withdrawal will result in automatic suspension of the automated reload bonus on the next deposit. This system can be a bit of a hassle, but we find it to be an acceptable tradeoff for the low wagering requirement and account flexibility.

Rewards Program

In addition to the perks outlined above, GTbets offers a rewards program through a partnership with GameTimeRewards. What we like about GTR is that it has a similar approach as GTbets in that the player is rewarded on every wager he or she makes whether that wager is a slot machine spin or a bet on a sports match. The rewards system has Silver, Gold and Platinum levels, and career earnings dictate VIP level. Points are earned on every wager based on the reward level, and those points convert into bonus cash, merchandise and special opportunities.

Benefits for High-Stakes Play

Few online gambling establishments allow you have to a single account that applies to the sportsbook, racebook and casino and is accessible from nearly any device, including mobile devices. Between all of the automatic reload and rebate bonuses, GTbets is very favorable to high rollers, and the limitations we mentioned about cashing out really do not apply when one has a sizable account.

Ready to play? Click here to sign up to the GTBets Casino!

Click here to read our review on GTBets Sports.

Last updated: February 23, 2015 at 18:45 pm

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GTBets Sports Promo Code & Review Mon, 19 Jan 2015 19:21:23 +0000

Click here to visit GTBets.

GTBets Sports Review & Promo Code launched in 2011 with much of the same management team that used to work at VIP Sportsbook, BetGameday and, thus giving them a knowledgeable and reputable upper management team.

The sportsbook is based in Curacao and possess a Curacao eGaming license. Live chat is available 24/7, and the sportsbook has an excellent reputation for customer support and for paying out.

Why should I bet at GTBets?

  • Excellent initial deposit bonus offer of 100% match for up to $250. Or receive a $500 bonus if you deposit $1,000.
  • GTbets is a sportsbook, racebook and casino that uses a universal account across all these services. Even more importantly, GTBets takes a universal approach to awarding bonuses and rewards. In fact, the reward program is rather unusual within the online sports and horse betting industries, and it really allows bettors to get the most out of their bankroll. We’ll get into details further below.
  • Automated reload bonuses! If you qualify for a reload bonus, it will automatically get credited to your account!
  • Free points when betting on your favorite teams! When you open a new account, you can select your four favorite teams, two from NFL and NCAA Football, and two from NBA and NCAA Basketball. Then get a free 1/2 point on your favorite teams when you bet on them all season long!


GTBets Promo Code

Register your new account with our exclusive GTBets promo code MAXBONUS and qualify for up to $500 in bonus funds!

GTBets offers a 100% deposit match bonus for up to $250. But if you deposit $1,000 on your first deposit, GTBets will award you a $500 bonus! The minimum deposit amount to qualify for the welcome bonus is $35. Bonus money is automatically deposited into the account once the account has been verified and the initial deposit made.

To begin, click here to visit and click the big “Join Now” button!

Complete the registration form with your personal information and enter the promo code MAXBONUS as shown below:

GTBets Promo Code MAXBONUS


This welcome bonus offered at GTBets is CASHABLE! So once you’ve satisfied the wagering requirements, you are allowed to withdraw the bonus money as well as any winnings derived from betting the bonus money!

Of course, this initial deposit bonus is awarded only once per customer/household and only applies to new customers making their very first deposit.

Like all online bonuses, there is a wagering requirement that must be met prior to allowing you to withdraw your funds. But the unique and interesting element to the GTBets welcome bonus is that you can satisfy those wagering requirements playing on any of their services – sports, casino, and horses – in any combination. We’ll get into more details below.

GTBets Bonus Wagering Requirements

So the GTBets bonus has a 5x Points wagering requirement on the bonus amount. You must earn points and you earn points by placing wagers. If you deposit $250, you will receive a $250 bonus, so now you must earn 1250 points ($250 x 5).

Now the cool thing about GTBets is that you can earn these points betting on sports, betting in the casino, or betting on horses! Depending on what you are playing, you will earn X amount of points for every $10 wager.

Check out the point distributions below:

Points Earned Per $10 Bet


The chart above shows how many points you earn when betting $10 on a particular product. If you are betting on basketball or football (or anything other than baseball), you receive 5 points for every $10 bet.

So let’s say you deposit $100 and receive a $100 bonus. You must earn 500 points prior to processing your withdrawal. If you only bet on basketball or football, you would have to place a total of $1,000 to earn 500 points. Or in other words, you would have to wager 10 times the amount of the bonus amount to meet the requirements. You’ll see in the chart above how it shows 10x for Sports under Sign Up Bonus – this means you would have to wager 10x the amount of the bonus to satisfy the wagering requirements.

If you were only betting baseball, you would only receive 2 points per $10 bet, so you would have to bet a total of $2,500 to satisfy the requirements associated with a $100 bonus.

Playing in the casino earns you between 1 and 2 points per $10 bet which ends up being a 25x to 50x on the bonus amount. Also, please note that playing Craps, Baccarat, and European Roulette is strictly prohibited for meeting your wagering requirements and could lead to your account getting closed!

The great thing about this welcome bonus is that it is flexible. You can earn points betting on anything (except Baccarat, Craps, and European Roulette!), so your not stuck just betting on sports or horses or slots. You can play whatever you want and there is no time limit to satisfying the wagering requirements.

GTBets Sports Review

GTbets employs a completely Web-based platform and user interface, which means that there are no downloads, installations and updates and you simply connect to it from any device that supports a modern web browser. The sportsbook uses your account to store preferences, which means that whether you log in from the comfort of your home or while travelling, the experience is the same. The bet slip system is intuitive, easy to use and instantly familiar to anyone who has placed a bet at any of the major online outlets.

Simple & Intuitive Online Betting Slip


GTbets also offers a mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows tablets and phones. When using a larger tablet, we actually prefer to use the main website, which most modern devices can handle. The app, however, is a nice option for smaller devices because it takes advantage of the screen real estate better. The app provides a consistent GTbets experience and supports the casino and racebook as well.

Market Selection

Although the market selection offered by GTbets is not quite as grand as the options offered by UK industry juggernauts like Ladbrokes and William Hill, the book has all of the major bases covered for the average bettor. Note that despite this being a dot-eu domain, the market selection is very American-centric. GTbets places an emphasis on the NFL. It also offers NBA, NCAA basketball, NHL, FIFA, PGA, auto racing and combat sports, such as boxing and UFC. There is also a section for special wagering, which is basically a catch-all category that GTbets uses to highlight certain betting opportunities, including those that fall outside the domain of its standard market categories. The sportsbook offers both standard and live/in-play wagering, but live betting options are usually limited to NFL, NBA, NCAA and FIFA.


As mentioned, the sign-up bonus offered by GTbets applies to the racebook and casino as well as the sportsbook. It requires a new account created by a first-time client and a minimum deposit of $35. Initial deposits up to $250 are matched 100 percent for a bonus up to $250. For the high roller, a deposit of $1,000 gets you a bonus of $500.

GTbets also offers an automatic reload bonus that is automatically applied when a minimum deposit of $35 meets certain criteria. The primary criteria is that the player did not make a withdrawal between the current deposit and the last and that the account balance is equal to or greater than 25 percent of the previous deposit.

The reload bonus percentage varies based on how the client distributed the last bonus earned and can range from as little as 4 percent to as much as 30 percent. Those who focus on sports wagering will generally earn a 6-percent reload bonus. An exception is baseball bets, which allow for a bonus as high as 15 percent.

The GTbets sportsbook allows all bonuses to be cashed out once the rollover requirements are met. Keep in mind, however, that no withdrawal of any kind is permitted while a rollover requirement is in effect. Once a client meets all withdrawal criteria, however, the process is fast and hassle-free.

Rewards Program

Once a GTbets account has been created and verified, it is automatically enrolled in a rewards program powered by GameTimeRewards. A neat aspect of this loyalty program is that it takes the same all-inclusive approach that GTbets does. In other words, whether you wager on a sports match or on the horses or at the casino, that bet will earn you rewards points. All clients start at the Silver level and then graduate to Gold when they reach 20,000 lifetime points and Platinum when reach 200,000 lifetime points. Each $10 wagered on sports is worth 16 points at the Silver tier, 20 at Gold and 25.5 at Platinum. In addition to counting toward the career VIP level, all points can be traded in for cash bonuses and merchandise. Also, the program regularly hosts sweepstakes and other opportunities that are available to all members.

Benefits for High-Stakes Play

GTbets is an excellent option for the high roller who enjoys betting on the major sports markets. The promotional schedule is very lucrative for the loyal client. The sportsbook also facilitates VIP betting limits, and it handles large deposits and withdrawals quickly, easily and without hassle. Another benefit for the high roller is that your GTbets account is accessible at the racebook and casino as well.

Ready to bet? Click here to sign up to GTBets!

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Drake Casino Review & Promo Code Fri, 09 Jan 2015 19:31:18 +0000

Click here to visit the Drake Casino.

Drake Casino Review & Promo Code

Drake Casino is an online gaming site that is powered by Betsoft platform and accepts U.S. players. The casino focuses on instant gaming and thus does not require any software download or installation. The site is independently audited and tested, and offers live chat support for all clients.

Why should I play at the Drake Casino?

  • Instant play games at their finest! Drake Casino offers super high quality games and a wide variety of them, all available instantly from your browser!
  • Drake Casino has a fantastic mobile version, optimized for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • The Drake Casino welcome bonus caters to high rollers! Receive up to $5,000 in bonuses across your first 3 deposits!
  • drake-casino-bonus-470

    Drake Casino Promo Code

    Register your new account with our exclusive Drake Casino promo code USABONUS and qualify for up to $5,000 in bonus funds!

    Drake Casino offers a welcome bonus on all new clients’ first, second and third deposits. However, when redeeming our promo code USABONUS, you will receive our exclusive 175% initial deposit bonus for up to $2,000. The standard bonus only offers a 100% match!

    Then you will receive a 100% bonus on your second deposit amount for up to $1,000. The third bonus is worth 100% of the deposit amount for up to another $2,000. Therefore, new clients can earn as much $5,000 in welcome bonus money. High rollers who prefer to deposit the $5,000 up front can contact support through live chat and be accommodated.

    To get started, click here to visit the Drake Casino and click on the “JOIN NOW” button.

    Fill in your registration details and enter the promo code USABONUS as shown below:

    Drake Casino Promo Code USABONUS


    All bonuses at Drake Casino are able to be withdrawn once the wagering requirements have been met. The casino can choose to audit the withdraw request, so the best practice is to wait until all bonus conditions have been met. There is no limit on the amount of bonus winnings that can be withdrawn with the exception of winnings derived from no-deposit bonuses. In those cases, lifetime winnings are limited to $5,000.

    Again, the bonuses at Drake Casino are CASHABLE! But you must first satisfy all wagering requirements.

    Drake Casino Wagering Requirements

    All bonuses require a wagering requirement of 40 times the bonus amount plus the deposit amount prior to cashing out. And like most other online casinos, not all your wagers will count towards meeting the 40x requirement. Drake Casino does have per-game restrictions, and outside of slot machines and games in the slot family, most wagers only apply 10 to 35 percent toward the wagering requirement.

    Below are the rules on how much a wager on a game contributes to meeting the 40x wagering requirement:

    Game Contributions Towards Wagering Requirement


    Please be aware that bonus credits cannot be used to place wagers on baccarat, craps and European roulette. Any play on these games with your bonus money will result in the closing of your account!

    The deposit bonuses at Drake Casino do not end when the new-player period is over. In fact, the casino offers all players three opportunities to cash in each week: a 75-percent reload on Tuesday, a 50-percent reload on Thursday and a 100-percent reload on Saturday. In addition, clients receive a deposit bonus based on their VIP level, and that bonus stacks with the base bonus. In other words, an Amber VIP, who earns a 10-percent bonus, would receive $110 for a $100 deposit on Saturday.

    Furthermore, every Tuesday, Drake Casino makes a deposit into your account that is worth 10 percent of the losses from the previous week.

    Rebates on losses have no wagering requirement but no rollover either, which means that the client must play through it during the week in which it was awarded or lose it.

    Drake Casino Review

    Drake Casino distinguishes itself by being an instant-play casino that feels like a major online casino. The game selection is particularly impressive for a casino that does not have a desktop client, and the amount of gaming options beyond slot machines will be a pleasant surprise to anyone who has ever been disappointed by an instant-play casino. Games download and initialize so fast you will barely notice, and the rewards program is part of a multi-site network that is perfect for players who do not want to be locked in to just one place to gamble.


    Betsoft Gaming is best known for making 3D slot games with high production values that rival the games developed by NetEnt. The Betsoft platform is available in both a desktop client and instant-play configuration, but Drake Casino has chosen not to incorporate the desktop client. This approach has some benefits. The Betsoft platform does a great job of centralizing user preferences, which means that the user experience is the same whether you are connecting from your desktop at home, your laptop at work or from your smartphone on the train trip home. One aspect we really appreciate about Betsoft in general and the Drake Casino implementation is that every game is available in an arcade mode, which means that you can sample everything before risking your hard-earned bankroll.

    Featured Games


    Game Selection

    It is no surprise that an instant-play gaming site like Drake Casino places a great deal of emphasis on slot machines, and that broad collection is organized into the following categories: three-reel slots, five-reel slots, 3D five-reel slots, Super slots and Cash-Grab slots. All of the games in the Super and Cash Grab categories have a progressive jackpot powered by the Betsoft network. What may surprise newcomers is the excellent selection of games other than slot machines. Players will discover a diverse selection of table games, video poker machines, scratch cards and keno games. Popular table games include baccarat, blackjack, roulette and Caribbean poker, and Drake Casino offers high-limit tables for nearly all classic casino games.

    One of the unique and most exciting aspects of the Drake Casino are the tournaments! Drake Casino offers slot tournaments and freerolls, blackjack tournaments, and more!

    Click on the Tournaments menu item at the top and visit the Tournaments lobby:

    Drake Casino Tournaments


    Rewards Program

    Drake Casino uses VIP Rewards Plan, which is a multi-casino rewards plan. If someone is already a member, he or she will begin taking advantage of those benefits at Drake Casino as soon as they open a membership. If not, then creating a Drake Casino membership will automatically enroll them and set them to the Amber tier. The currency of the program is reward points, and those points can be used to buy bonus cash or to purchase merchandise. Our only gripe is that when converting into bonus cash, the player must choose the casino account where the bonus is deposited rather than having chips that could be used at any of the participating casinos.

    Benefits for High Rollers

    Rarely do instant-play casinos cater to high-stakes play, but Drake Casino is an exception. They have VIP tables with high table limits built right into the system, and these tables include blackjack and a handful of variants, European roulette and Caribbean stud poker. In addition, the loyalty program has no upper limits, which makes it very friendly to high rollers.

    Ready to play? Click here to sign up to the Drake Casino!

    Last updated: February 23, 2015 at 18:40 pm

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    Bovada Casino Bonus Codes Tue, 23 Dec 2014 22:27:33 +0000

    Click here to visit the Bovada Casino.

    Bovada Casino Review & Welcome Bonus Codes

    The Bovada Casino is one of the most popular options for US residents. It has an incredible selection of games to choose from, a mobile casino that works on your smartphone – with no app to download or purchase – and an integrated online sportsbook and poker room.

    Check out our quick introductory video below!

    Sign up to the Bovada Casino here!

    Why should I play at the Bovada Casino?

    If you like slots, then the Bovada Casino is your top choice. Like many other US-friendly online casinos, Bovada provides the selection of slot games developed by Realtime Gaming Software. However, unlike most other US casinos, Bovada also offers the selection of 3D slot games developed by Betsoft.

    Betsoft develops the most advanced next generation slots available and you can play them online at the Bovada Casino.

    Also, the welcome bonuses from the Bovada Casino are CASHABLE!

    Click here to jump to our Bovada Bonus Codes and welcome bonus details.


    Bovada Bonus Codes

    The Bovada Casino provides all new customers with up to $3,000 in bonus money. The $3,000 is spread out across your first 8 real money deposits.

    Redeem the bonus code SLOTS500 and then deposit $500, and Bovada will match that deposit and give you a bonus of $500. You will then immediately have $1,000 available to play with. You are only allowed to play slot games when playing with this bonus.

    You can redeem this bonus code four times for a total of $2,000 in bonus money.

    Additionally, you can redeem the code GAMES250. With this bonus code, Bovada will match your deposit of up to $250. And you may redeem this code four times for a total of $1,000 in bonus money.

    With this bonus code, you may play all the other games other than slots.

    Both bonus codes have certain requirements that you must meet. However, once met, the bonus amount can be withdrawn!

    The fact that the Bovada Casino bonus is CASHABLE is a big deal making this an excellent promotion for new players.

    Please note also, that if you want to take advantage of any of these bonuses, you must redeem the bonus code PRIOR to making any wagers!

    Bonus Code: SLOTS500

    $500 Slots Bonus

    You may redeem the code SLOTS500 four times. You must redeem the code and then make a deposit. Your deposit will be matched for up to a $500 bonus each time.

    The bonus amount is immediately available for play.

    Before withdrawing your deposit amount, bonus money, and any winnings, you must meet the 25x wagering requirement.

    You must wager 25x the sum of the deposit and bonus amounts before you are allowed to process your withdrawal.

    For example, if you deposited $500, you would receive an additional bonus amount of $500 for a total of $1,000. You must then wager a total of $25,000 before you can process your withdrawal.

    Note – if you break even after playing a total of $25,000, you would have profited $500 by cashing out the bonus money.

    You may only play slot games when meeting the 25x wagering requirement with this bonus code.

    Redeem the Bovada Casino Bonus Code: SLOTS500 for this bonus.

    Click here to redeem the bonus code SLOTS500.

    Bonus Code: GAMES250

    $250 Games Bonus

    You may also redeem the bonus code GAMES250 four times. You must redeem the code and then make a deposit. Your deposit will be matched for up to a $250 bonus each time.

    The bonus amount is immediately available for play, so if you deposited $250, you would have $500 in your account to play with.

    Before withdrawing your deposit amount, bonus money, or any winnings, you must meet a 40x wagering requirement. Note that the wagering requirement for this bonus code is higher than the 25x wagering requirement on the SLOTS500 bonus.

    You must wager 40x the sum of the deposit and bonus amounts before you are allowed to process your withdrawal with the GAMES250 bonus.

    In our example above, you are required to wager a total of $20,000 ($500 x 40) before you can process your withdrawal.

    Note – if you break even after playing a total of $20,000, you would have profited $250 by cashing out the bonus money.

    You may play table games when meeting the 40x wagering requirement, but it must be from within the Bovada Casino and not through the Bovada Poker client (which offers some casino games).

    Click here to redeem the bonus code GAMES250.

    The site also runs weekly casino benefits, where players can earn points while they play. An online casino may not be able to comp you a hotel room or hand you free drinks, but this is the next best thing. For every 100 casino points you earn, you receive $1 in chips. You can earn points by placing bets at your favorite Bovada games. The casino converts points to chips every other Friday and deposits the winnings in the player’s account at that time.

    Bovada Casino Deposits/Withdrawals

    With U.S. rules regarding online gambling still in a strange gray area, depositing on the average site can be a hassle for an American. To cut some of the uncertainty, Bovada wisely limits payment options. Players can use Visa cards to make a deposit in conjunction with the Verified by Visa functionality, providing extra protection for your account. Withdrawals are another matter, as these can’t be done through the Visa card.

    As an alternative, Bovada can pay a player through courier check or an electronic wallet such as MyPaylinQ. The casino also offers withdrawals through their Rapid Transfer system.

    Of course, if you get bored with regular casino games, keep in mind that your wallet is site-wide. This means you can stop by and place a bet on that hot sports tip you got, play poker, or even place a wager on the horse races.

    Bovada Casino Review

    Bovada Casino is one of the most respected gaming outfits on the Internet and one of the most popular for players originating from the United States. Bovada offers a stunning array of casino games both familiar and unique, all of which are certified fair by Technical Systems Testing.

    Bovada not only provides customers with a fun, lively experience, it is rife with promotions and offers that will keep you coming back.

    Bovada is powered by Realtime Gaming Software, giving the site the up-to-date graphics and playability online gamblers have come to expect.

    You have the choice of using Instant Play (flash games designed to run directly in your browser) or the Download Casino, which gives you faster processing speeds, better graphics, and a wider variety of games.

    Not sure about using real money right away? That’s okay. The Bovada Casino software allows you to try out the games with play money. This provides new players with a great way of getting familiar with the rules while risking nothing.

    Additionally, Bovada offers the full suite of 3D slot games developed by Betsoft. And all of these next generation slots can also be played for free with play money.

    The graphics of these games are like watching a Pixar animated movie! Below is a sample of some of the popular 3D titles.

    Bovada 3D Slots


    Once Upon a Time is one of the popular 3D slot games played at Bovada. The game features 5 reels, 30 paylines, free spins, bonus games, sticky wild symbols, and of course awesome graphics and sound effects.

    Try it out below by clicking the screenshot and visiting the Bovada Casino. All the Bovada Casino games are available to play in practice mode!

    The Bovada Casino features forty 3D slot games and 87 slots overall. Bovada offers 14 table games including staples such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps, but also cool games like Pai Gow Poker, Let ‘em Ride, and Caribbean Stud.

    Video Poker is well represented with 17 different variations. And you can find 53 games that offer progressive jackpots.

    Click here to visit the Bovada Casino.

    Last updated: February 23, 2015 at 18:35 pm

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    Bovada Sports Free Bet Fri, 12 Dec 2014 00:24:52 +0000

    Click here to visit Bovada Sports.

    Bovada Sports Betting Review & Free Bet Welcome Bonus

    Bovada is basically the US-facing version of mega-gaming brand Bodog. While the Bovada brand is relatively new, the management team has been in the industry for a long time, operating the very successful Bodog brand of online gaming and sports wagering.

    Bovada provides three core online services: a casino, poker room and sportsbook. Bovada Sports is the most popular online bookmaker among U.S. bettors. It delivers the reputation of Bodog with the services and attention that US bettors demand.

    Why should I place my sports bets at Bovada Sports?

    First of all, Bovada is probably the most popular and reputable online betting operation available to US players. With a single account, you can place all your sports bets, but also play in the Bovada Casino or the Bovada Poker room.

    Most importantly, Bovada provides up to $250 in free bets to all new sports bettors!

    Open a new account at Bovada Sports and deposit $500, and Bovada will match that deposit by 50% for up to a $250 free bet! No bonus code or special coupon required.

    Click here to get started!

    Bovada Sports Free Bet Explained

    There is a lot of confusion surrounding this Bovada welcome “bonus” which we’ll try to explain here.

    First off, at Bovada, there is a difference between the terms “free bet” and “bonus” – these are two completely different things.

    A new player joining Bovada Sports receives a 50% “free bet”. If you deposit $500, you would receive a $250 free bet. Let’s say you place the $250 free bet on a 1:1 odds bet and win. You DO NOT get to keep the original risk amount or wager. That $250 free bet has been used and disappears.

    The $250 that you’ve won becomes the amount of “bonus” you have. You will now have a bonus balance of $250 and a real money balance of $500.

    The Bovada Sports bonus CANNOT itself be withdrawn, but it can be wagered and any resulting winnings are, of course, yours to withdraw and keep.

    All bonuses claimed through the sportsbook have a 3x rollover requirement on the sum of the bonus and the deposit amounts before you can process any withdrawals. In our scenario above depositing $500, winning the free bet, and now sitting with $250 in the bonus account, you’d have to wager a total of $2,250 ( ($500 + $250) x 3 ) before you can make a withdrawal.

    Here’s an area where a lot of bettors get confused. The 3x rollover requirement – which is quite low making this an excellent offer btw – is applied to the DEPOSIT amount and the BONUS amount.

    It is NOT applied to the FREE BET amount – which is what you get when you first join Bovada.

    Remember, there is a difference. At Bovada, the free bet is not a bonus. The free bet DETERMINES your bonus. When people post in forums or blogs and use these terms interchangeably, they are inevitably going to get themselves confused and confuse everyone reading their mess.

    When Bovada says that “winnings” are not included in the wagering requirements, THAT IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

    Understand the terminology! To simplify, let’s say I deposited $20, received my $10 free bet, and wagered that on a 10 to 1 bet, and won. This event can be described two ways, one is correct and one is total fail:

    Correct Bovada Terminology

    I have won my $10 free bet, and so have earned a $100 bonus. This $100 is not “winnings”, this is my “bonus”.

    The person who is likely to get confused and upset with Bovada’s rules uses this terminology to describe the same event:

    Total Fail at Bovada Terminology

    I won my $10 bonus bet, and now have $100 of winnings. Only my $10 bonus should be subjected to wagering requirements, not my $100 of winnings… FAIL!

    So this leads to an important point. Don’t use that $10 free bet on a longshot unless you’re willing to wager 3x that amount (plus the deposit)!!

    Note that making ANY withdrawal prior to meeting the rollover requirements will void the bonus, AND the winnings from your bonus, AND they will charge you for the amount of the free bet!!!

    See what just happened there? That free bet is only free if you MEET THE ROLLOVER REQUIREMENTS!

    We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that if you use the Bovada free bet and therefore aim to have bonus money in your bonus account – that you plan on playing enough to meet the rollover requirements prior to processing a withdrawal.

    Don’t feel bad for getting confused on how this works. I’m probably one of 5 people in the world who understands this. And shame on Bovada themselves for adding to the confusion – they always call the free bet offer a welcome “bonus”! They just make it worse.

    Click here to visit Bovada Sports.

    Bovada Sports Review

    Bovada boasts a diverse betting platform and has a strong reputation for its commitment to customer service and fast withdrawals. Very slow withdrawals are a common problem for U.S. bettors at many online sportsbooks.

    Bovada uses Bodog’s powerful and proprietary Web-based system. Accessing the bookmaker does not require a download and installation. Simply connect to it via any modern web browser. For mobile users, there is also an app, which supports iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and more. The account is fully stored online, which is convenient, since no matter where you log on from, your preferences persist.

    Bovada Sports Screenshot


    To register, you have two options: Download the app or go to Click the join now link. The system will then walk you through a series of information collection phases. It is possible to create an account with relatively minimal details, but if you want to make deposits and receive withdrawals, then you will have to provide bank information and so forth.

    Both on the website and in the app, Bovada uses the concept of a bet slip. Based on the sport or event you’ve chosen, Bovada will automatically generate the bet slip. The slip is mostly self-explanatory and even has built-in help. It is possible to place multiple related bets on a single slip. For instance, you can place multiple bets for the football games on Sunday on a single slip.

    Bovada is a full-featured sportsbook. It takes bets on all major sports leagues, all major sporting events and horse and dog racing. It also offers financials and special events, such as elections and American Idol. The main wager types are single bet, multi-single bet, parlay, teaser, sweetheart teaser, cross-sport teaser, if bet, reverse, round robin and buying points. In terms of odds and lines, Bovada offers point spreads, money lines, totals, decimal odds, fractional odds, futures and props.

    Additional Promotions

    For all clients, Bovada offers a promotional calendar that has bonuses available for particular seasons. For instance, Survive the Season awards you a $250 bonus if you win at least one football bet each week of the NFL season. Bovada also offers cross-service promotions. For instance, NFL Poker Pass provides you with an entry to a $5K poker freeroll whenever you bet the NFL.

    Read to place some bets at Bovada Sports? Click here to get started!


    Bovada also has a great online casino with an amazing amount of games. You can read our review of the Bovada Casino and the Bovada Bonus Codes to use when registering your account at

    You can learn more about Bovada Poker at which is considered the best online poker room for US players!

    Good luck and enjoy your free bets!

    Something else you sports fans may be interested in – Real money fantasy sports!
    US players can play in fantasy leagues for real money, made explicitly legal by federal law! Visit Fantasy to learn more. And read this Draftkings bonus code article to learn how to receive the biggest bonus from the best fantasy sports site.

    Last updated: February 23, 2015 at 18:39 pm

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    Wild Vegas Casino Coupon for $100 Free Chip! Tue, 14 Oct 2014 21:52:50 +0000

    Click here to receive a free $100 casino chip from the Wild Vegas Casino! No deposit necessary!

    Wild Vegas Coupon Codes & Review

    Wild Vegas Casino welcomes all new customers with two different offers – either a $100 free chip with no deposit required, or a 350% match on your initial deposit for up to a $7,000 bonus!

    Wild Vegas Casino also offers daily deposit bonuses, regular reload bonuses and high-roller bonuses, and new clients can claim those in addition to the welcome bonus.

    Why should I play at the Wild Vegas Casino?

    • Because you can get a $100 chip for free, no deposit required, and try out the real money slots! Visit the cashier and redeem the coupon code EMPIRE100 for the free chip.
    • The $100 free chip is not cashable, but once you meet the wagering requirements, you can actually request a cash out for up to a maximum amount of $100!
    • Then when making your first deposit, you can redeem the coupon code WILDVEGAS for a 350% deposit bonus for up to a $7,000 bonus!
    • The Wild Vegas Casino offers live dealer games!

    Wild Vegas Casino Coupon Codes

    To start off, we recommend redeeming the no deposit bonus first of course. There’s no deposit necessary and you can actually win some money for free! So open your new account and redeem the bonus code EMPIRE100 first.

    Wild Vegas Casino Coupon Code: EMPIRE100

  • Visit the Cashier and redeem the Coupon Code EMPIRE100 and receive a $100 Free Casino Chip!
  • The $100 free chip is not cashable, however your winnings are once you’ve satisfied the wagering requirements!
  • No deposit necessary.
  • There is a 30x wagering requirement on this bonus when you play Slots, Scratchcards, Keno, and Bonus Bingo. Any play on Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, Pontoon 21, War, Sic Bo and Pai Gow Poker is not allowed.
  • You can play blackjack and video poker! However, the wagering requirements double to 60x.
  • There is a maximum withdrawal amount of $100.
  • Players cannot process a withdrawal until after the wagering requirements are met!

  • wild-vegas-casino-no-deposit-coupon-code

    Click here for your free $100 no deposit bonus!

    After redeeming the EMPIRE100 coupon code, go ahead and play with your $100, hopefully you’ll get lucky! If you have any money leftover after satisfying the wagering requirements, you can place a withdrawal of up to $100 (the $100 free chip amount will get subtracted from your withdrawal amount). If you’ve lost the $100, well now it’s time to make a deposit.

    When making your first real money deposit, redeem the coupon code WILDVEGAS and receive a massive 350% deposit bonus of up to $7,000.

    Wild Vegas Casino Coupon Code: WILDVEGAS

  • Visit the Cashier and redeem the Coupon Code WILDVEGAS to receive your 350% deposit bonus on your first deposit. Your deposit amount must be between $30 and $2,000.
  • The bonus is “sticky” and cannot be withdrawn. The bonus amount will be subtracted from your withdrawal amount.
  • There is a 30x wagering requirement on this bonus when you play Slots, Scratchcards, Keno, and Bonus Bingo. Any play on Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, Pontoon 21, War, Sic Bo and Pai Gow Poker is not allowed.
  • You can play blackjack and video poker! However, the wagering requirements double to 60x.
  • There is a maximum withdrawal amount of 10x your deposit amount.
  • Players cannot process a withdrawal until after the wagering requirements are met!

  • wild-vegas-casino-coupon-code

    Click here to redeem the WILDVEGAS bonus code!

    How to Register an Account & Claim Your Bonus

    Wild Vegas Casino only allows access via its Windows-based desktop client. Therefore, to register, you must navigate to the Wild Vegas Casino website, click on the big red Download button or the medium-sized red Click to Play Now button.

    The install package will then download. Once downloaded, start the install process and then execute the application. As part of the initial start-up, the program will guide you through the registration and verification process. If at any time you need help, you can simply go to the homepage and click on the button labeled Click Here for Live Help.

    After setting up and verifying your payment information, you will be able to make a deposit. During the deposit process, you will have the opportunity to enter a redeem code. To claim the bonus, you must make an initial deposit of at least $30 and use the redeem code WILDVEGAS.

    Once the deposit clears, Wild Vegas Casino will immediately deposit a bonus amount that is equal to 350 percent times the deposit amount. Note that deposits via Neteller and Moneybookers are not eligible for deposit bonuses at this casino.

    Using the Free Chip and the Bonus

    The bonus is available immediately, and in fact, all wagers will automatically be made from any available bonus amount. There are some restrictions. Bets placed on Baccarat, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Pontoon 21, Roulette, Sic Bo and War are not allowed. Any winnings from these games while bonus money is available will be voided, and it is best to play it safe and avoid these games altogether.

    Live dealer games are an exception in that they are available and unrestricted but all bets placed on them are drawn from real money in the account rather than any bonus money.

    Note that games like blackjack and video poker are not on the restricted list and do contribute 50% to the wagering requirements for this bonus.

    Wagering Requirements

    A player must meet all wagering requirements before any cash-out is allowed. All bonuses are non-cashable, so upon withdrawal, the casino will first deduct any bonus amount from the available winnings.

    The standard wagering requirement at Wild Vegas Casino is a play-through of both the bonus amount and the deposit amount of 30 times. Therefore, if you deposited $100 and claimed $350 in bonus money, the play-through requirement would be $13,500.

    If you were only to play blackjack or video poker, the play through amount would be doubled to $27,000.

    Benefits for High Stakes Play

    Wild Vegas Casino offers two high-roller bonuses. The first offer matches any deposits of $1,000 or more by 50 percent and includes a 50-percent insurance bonus. The second offer matches deposits of $2,000 or more by 100 percent and includes a 100-percent insurance bonus but excludes blackjack and video poker. The casino usually has four redeem codes for each offer available at any given time, but the codes are regularly updated and regular high rollers can generally get new codes upon request.

    Click here to visit the Wild Vegas Casino!

    The Wild Vegas Casino is managed by the folks at GWages, the same management group in charge of the Cool Cat Casino, Cirrus Casino, and the Palace of Chance so you can expect a lot of experience and competency from their operations. Read our reviews of the Cool Cat bonus codes, Cirrus Casino no deposit bonus, and Palace of Chance coupon codes here.

    Last updated: February 23, 2015 at 18:46 pm

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    Planet 7 Casino Coupon Codes for First 8 Deposits Tue, 14 Oct 2014 18:40:59 +0000

    Click here to open your account at the Planet 7 Casino.

    Planet 7 Casino Exclusive Coupon Codes

    We’ve heard Planet 7 Casino described as an out of this world gambling site. We thought that was just a pun or a play on words of some sort. After all, a lot of online casinos are pretty much the same, just themed around one idea. But we took Planet 7 for a spin and we were proven wrong. This casino does go above and beyond, especially when it comes to bonuses. Keep reading and have a look for yourself.

    Why should I play at the Planet 7 Casino?

  • Planet 7 Casino is themed around the number 7 and that means you’ll earn up to $7,777 in Welcome Bonus cash across your first 8 deposits!
  • Your first bonus will net you $777 in free bonus cash through a 100% match bonus. Enter coupon code 1PLANET to earn the bonus.
  • Your next 7 bonuses are worth up to $1,000 in free money. They’re also 100% bonuses. To take advantage of them, enter 2PLANET, 3PLANET, 4PLANET, and so on, all the way up to 8PLANET.

  • Sign up to the Planet 7 Casino here.


    How to Register with Planet 7 Casino

    It’s easy to get set up with Planet 7 Casino. First, click here to visit the website and then click the DOWNLOAD NOW button to get the free casino software.

    The software package will begin to download to your computer. Just choose Save to start the process. The Planet 7 Casino software will begin to download to your PC. When it’s done, you’ll be asked to set up a new account. You’ll need to enter an account name, choose a password, provide your email address, and give the casino your personal home address and phone number details. You’ll also need to verify your date of birth so the casino can make sure you’re of legal gambling age.

    If you’re on a Mac or on a computer where you can’t download any software, you can set up your account using the Instant Play option. When the Instant Play screen loads, you’ll see a bunch of tabs and several games presented on screen. Click the Signup tab above all the games tabs, in the top right corner.

    Planet 7 Instant Play Casino


    How to Claim the Welcome Bonus

    It’s super easy to claim your 100% Welcome Bonus at Planet 7 Casino. When signed into the software, head to the Cashier and click on Redeem Coupon. Then enter 1Planet to earn your first deposit bonus. You’ll be asked to choose your deposit method and make your deposit. Just follow the onscreen instructions to get the ball rolling.

    Learn about the 8 coupon codes below to cash in on the $7,777 welcome bonus.

    Planet 7 Casino Bonus Codes

    To receive the $7,777 in bonus cash, you will have to redeem 8 different coupon codes.

    Planet 7 Bonus Codes


    Planet 7 Coupon Code: 1PLANET

  • Redeem the coupon code 1PLANET on your first deposit to receive a 100% match bonus for up to $777.
  • There is a 30x wagering requirement on the sum of the deposit and bonus amount, but any wagers on Roulette, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, War, Sic Bo, or Baccarat do not count. And any wagers on Blackjack and Video Poker count only 50% towards the wagering requirement.
  • You must have a balance greater than total of the deposit and bonus prior to making a withdrawal! For example, if you deposit $100 and receive a $100 bonus, and then you must have a balance greater than $200 (after meeting the 30x wagering requirement) before processing a withdrawal.
  • All bonus money is non-cashable and cannot be withdrawn. The bonus money is only intended to be played with. The bonus amount will be deducted from any withdrawal amounts.
  • planet-7-redeem-coupon-code

    Planet 7 Coupon Code: 2PLANET- 8PLANET

  • Redeem the coupon codes 2PLANET thru 8PLANET on your next 7 deposits to receive a 100% match bonus for up to $1,000.
  • There is a 30x wagering requirement on the sum of the deposit and bonus amount, but any wagers on Roulette, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, War, Sic Bo, or Baccarat do not count. And any wagers on Blackjack and Video Poker count only 50% towards the wagering requirement.
  • You must have a balance greater than total of the deposit and bonus prior to making a withdrawal! For example, if you deposit $100 and receive a $100 bonus, and then you must have a balance greater than $200 (after meeting the 30x wagering requirement) before processing a withdrawal.
  • All bonus money is non-cashable and cannot be withdrawn. The bonus money is only intended to be played with. The bonus amount will be deducted from any withdrawal amounts.

  • Bonus Wagering Requirements

    All eight bonuses have a 30x wagering requirement on the sum of the deposit and bonus amounts. Any play on Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Pontoon, War, and Sic Bo does not count towards meeting that wagering requirement. Additionally, every $1 bet on Blackjack and video poker count as $0.50 towards your wagering requirement.

    It’s always a good idea to check the terms and conditions on the website or to even chat with customer support if you have any concerns or questions!

    Planet 7 Casino Review

    Launched in 2008, Planet 7 Casino was the first in a series of online casinos owned and operated by Ace Revenue Group. As with all ARG casinos, Planet 7 is based in Costa Rica and powered by the Realtime Gaming online casino platform. As such, this casino fully supports players from the U.S.

    Software and Game Selection

    Planet 7 provides a Windows-based desktop client that users must download and install in order to access all of the casino’s services. Alternately, clients can access a Web play version of the site that offers a consistent experience and is suitable to nearly every platform but does have a smaller game selection. At this point, the RTG platform is quite refined, and Planet 7 makes full use of it. The casino makes nearly every RTG slot machine available to the player, and it offers a diverse selection of table games, video poker machines, and specialty games, such as keno and scratch cards.

    Welcome Bonus

    Planet 7 offers a sign-up bonus on new accounts that is worth as much as $7,777 and spread out over your first eight deposits. Each deposit bonus matches the deposit amount by 100 percent. The first deposit can be worth as much as $777, and each subsequent deposit bonus can be worth as much as $1,000. There is no minimum deposit required by the promotion, but there are standard minimums associated with the various deposit options that do apply. The default wagering requirement is 30 times the deposit and the bonus, and that increases to 60 times if the bonus is used on table games or video poker.

    Other Current Promotions

    Default reload bonuses are available at all times for games in the slot family as well as those in the table game family. Planet 7 also offers both a monthly and daily promotion. The monthly promotion is a deposit promotion that lets the player increase their first reload bonus to as much as 300 percent. The daily promotion is called Crazy Days and has a specific bonus opportunity available for each day of the week, such as Happy Hour, which increases all bonuses on Monday by 150 percent.

    Player Rewards Program

    The VIP program has five levels. Once a new player meets the requirements for level one, he or she earns one comp point for each $10 wagered and receives a 10-percent insurance payout on net losses at the beginning of each month. As players increase in level, they earn comp points at a higher rate, have their insurance rate increased and are able to access promotional opportunities exclusive to their VIP level. There is also a VIP-exclusive reload bonus that matches the deposit amount by 130 percent and applies to all games at the casino.

    Casino Strong Points

    The strongest aspect of Planet 7 is its promotional structure. Between anytime reload bonuses, daily promotions, cash back via comp points and monthly insurance, players can increase their bankroll by a significant amount on a regular basis. The structure is particularly lucrative for players who enjoy slot machines and other games in the slot family. Planet 7 also has a strong selection of progressive jackpots on slot machines and other games, such as Caribbean Stud Poker, that are in excess of $1 million.

    Reload Bonuses

    Planet 7 doesn’t just offer a Welcome Bonus. They also offer a series of ongoing bonuses, included a Crazy Days bonus that awards a different bonus every day of the week. Log in each day to discover something different, including match bonuses, double comp points, and even free chips.

    If you don’t like waiting for the right day to roll around, don’t sweat it. There are a variety of other bonuses, including all these:

    • Slot Special Bonus, which gets you a 100% bonus on slots and keno games (coupon code P7SLOTS100)
    • Table Games Special Bonus, which gets you an 80% bonus on table games only (coupon code P7TABLES80)
    • Weekend Special Bonus, which gets you a 130% bonus when you deposit at least $100 on Saturday or Sunday (coupon code WEEKEND130)

    Benefits for High Rollers

    Planet 7 Casino has a special VIP bonus, just for high rollers. VIP members can earn a 130% Bonus that’s good for playing all games. There’s a minimum $100 deposit, but that should be no problem for even low rollers, let alone high rollers.

    To take advantage of the high rollers bonus, enter coupon code P7VIP130. Note that this is the latest high rollers bonus at the time of publishing our review. It’s possible that Planet 7 now offers a different VIP bonus, so check the site for the latest bonus code before depositing.

    Ready to experience the Planet 7 Casino? Click here to sign up!

    The Planet 7 Casino is run by AceRevenue, a well established casino management group that also operates the Silver Oak Casino and Captain Jack Casino.

    Last updated: February 23, 2015 at 18:46 pm

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